The History Of The CMC & The Riviera Run


1993 - Cornish Mini Club is formed by Ian Callaway and Mark Finch.

1994 - Cornish Mini Clubs first big event is held called 'The South West  Mini Day' it attracts around 150 minis and is held at Dobwalls Theme  Park. This was the brainchild of the then Treasure Dave Collier.

1995  - The first ever Riviera Run is held at Porth after MiniWorld Magazine  contacted the Cornish Mini Club. At this time membership numbers reached  50 and this later reached its highest point in 2002 with 75 registered  memberships.

1998 - Trudy Watts stands down as Club Secretary.

1999 -  Ian Callaway retires as Club President and long standing club members  Mark and Bridget Manhire step in as Club President and Club Secretary.  Anne Allison also becomes the Club Editor in the same year.

2000 -  The first year the Cornish Mini Club attends Major shows as a Club  including Wadebridge Wheels Show, Castle Combe and Silverstone Shows.

2002 -  Club Photo shoot is held at the Eden Project and the venue is later  used for one of the Monday Runs as part of the Riviera Run.

2005  - April Milne takes over as Club President while Mark Manhire takes a  year off after the Clubs 10th year involved in the Riviera Run.

2009 - Brett Donnelly becomes Club President.

2011 - Tony Page becomes Club President and Jenni Richards becomes Club Editor.

2014 - Mini Mick takes over as Club President.

2015 - Ben Borman becomes Club President and Andy Brammall becomes Club Secretary.

2016 -  Andy Brammall steps down as Club Secretary after the Last Rivera Run is  held at Newquay View Resort in Porth and David Osborne takes over as  Event Organiser for the new location of the Riviera Run for 2017 over at  Pentewan Sands.

2017 -  Our First Riviera Run at Pentewan Sands goes off without a hitch and  gets amazing reviews from the show visiors and from Mini World with a 3  page write up in there Magazine. 

2018 - The CMC Riviera Run return to Pentewan Sands and is back on the May bank Holiday Drawing its biggest number of show visitors in over a decade!